SOCIAL ANIMAL (Inaugural show of EAST WEST Art Festival 2015)@ Alliance Francaise de Delhi

EAST-WEST’ Art Festival is an ambitious project of sharing experiment trough the eyes of the next generation artists who, invite you to discover an alternative view of our world. As Enora Lalet (France) and her ‘cooking faces’, culinary and olfactory performances where the spectator becomes consumer, Dirk Baummans (Germany) squeezed man who is devouring by consequences of actions that he himself instigated, Ema Kawango (Japan) who in her series ‘Salaryman’ interfere us in different aspects of the Japanese society or Green Riot (France) who explores human ecosystems through his green graffiti (recently presented in New Delhi)…and much more artists to discover through the exhibition ‘SOCIAL ANIMALS’ showcased at Alliance Française de Delhi. “From East to West, 17 international artists cross their fields of experimentation around the anthropological concept, through the diversity of their artistic practice (performance, video, street art, installations, visual arts, workshops …) they’re exploring humans social relations , the place of an artist/citizen in a networked urbanity but also their integration in a changing and complex living environment.”… Man is a social animal ” explores Pierre Bourdieu (french sociologist, 1930-2002) in ‘La distinction’, what is the meaning of this quote in a country of over a billion people and made up of 35 States? Relationships between people, men and women, generations, different social conditions, compared to the environment, this exhibition program seeks to explore these interactions ,live acts, links, trade, exchanges, the differences that make us interested in the other as a subject of another possible ‘me’. The “EAST-WEST ‘ program brings together artists from different nationalities living in different countries, but linked by the need to search and query his membership in a system / ecosystem as a definition of his own condition “. ”SOCIAL ANIMALS’ , Group Show at Alliance Francaise ; a Painting-Bordeaux project in collaboration with NIV Art Centre at Alliance Française, in partnership with Alliance Francaise de Delhi , City of Bordeaux, General Council of Gironde, Korean Cultural Centre, Japan Foundation, French Institute of Paris, French Institute of Afghanistan,Embassy of India in Afghanistan, Artistik Rezo, Samsung.


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