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The exhibition is titled as ‘NIVSATurday the last’ which directly means the last Saturday of the month. We believe that not all the artist gets a valid opportunity each time to showcase their works efficiently in many galleries and art fairs going on across India and abroad.

In this regards and in the favor of Artist fraternity we invite application for our Open House Exhibition. The exhibition opens on the last Saturday of every month, which was first inaugurated on the 26 January 2013. The works are displayed in the Artist studios, We have 12 studios for painting and 4 studios for sculpture which are approximately 12 x 10 feet cubical in size or at Niv’s official gallery. Empty Studios or display space is provided a week before so that artist can start displaying their works or execute the raw ideas. Idea is to interfere with studio space rather than the mundane process of putting up your works in the gallery, you might want to try out some edgy installation or bringing other elements in the space which gets highlighted or makes a difference to your display.

The works should not be very big or extremely small, there are 3 to 4 walls in each studios, it is necessary to justify the space provided to you / in the gallery each artists gets approximately 10 running feet space. Applications are open round the year and the forms can be downloaded from the website.

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