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And so different to a bowl of spring/summer fruits which make a great salad as well, but quite different in color, texture and flavor. Fruit Salad is so flavorful and refreshing! Thanks Charlie! Winter Fruit Salad A fruit salad filled with pomegranate seeds, oranges, pineapple, kiwi and grapefruit will be filled with vitamins and nutrients that will help you to avoid colds and flus this winter. That would actually work quite well with the flavors of this salad. Add pineapple juice, orange juice and lemon juice. The light was just right. The chunks of pineapple give it a refreshing, tangy change from the typical fresh apple chunks. I have not tried the honey ginger dressing but since I love everything gingery this is definitely a go for me. So I wasn’t as clever as I sounded. …and the salad. (I’m used to poppy seeds on buns/bread, in my mum’s chocolate cake I love and in the Polish poppy seed roll I hate; and now I use sometimes white poppy seeds in Indian dishes of course!). Hope you’re well and Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and family.. Toss: Drizzle the … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Set aside ... keep in a covered container in the refrigerator as an after school snack for dipping apples and bananas. I love the combination of fruits you pick too, it is a delicious mix. Mix in olive oil, vegetable oil and honey until well blended. Such a pretty dish, too. Rainbow honey lime fruit salad recipe filled with fresh strawberries, oranges, bananas, grapes and blueberries. So simple yet so great with all the fresh winter fruits. I went to three stores and was told the season is over. Lots of flavors and textures to brighten up a cold, gray winter’s day. Oh, and your first photo looks like an oil painting still life. It’s one of those staple dishes that someone always brings and … Poppy seeds is pretty much a standard for fruit salads over here in the states. Comes together quickly. Another type of fruit salad, also known as ambrosia, is made with a creamy dressing, such as Cool Whip or yogurt. Winter Fruit Salad with Pineapple, Persimmon and More - Recipe. The dressing sounds so tasty. Add drained oranges and pineapple. I live in persimmon country but I still haven’t tried one. The mix of pineapple and fresh berries are readily available and make it easy to pull off, but it’s what you can’t see that really makes it stand out. Just remember to re-toss the salad before serving. Pineapple – If you can’t find fresh pineapple, canned pineapple can be used. A simple dressing of lemon and honey adds sweetness and keeps the fruit fresher longer. Garnish with mint lèavès if dèsirèd. Stir in poppy seeds. Great for parties, potlucks, and large family gatherings. We try to eat chopped fruit once or twice a day. Slice away the skin, following the curve of the pineapple, cutting deep enough so most of the “eyes” are trimmed away too. My sister used to make a persimmon pudding with Hachiya persimmon, but they are too mushy when ripe for this salad. This Winter Fruit Salad keeps well in the refrigerator for about 3 days. Maybe its my body telling me what it needs! I’m actually not surprised. Next time. . It is so simple and versatile. Glad to see you as well. How to Make Winter Fruit Salad January 8, 2018, 1:35 PM Combine citrus fruit, pineapple and kiwi for a colorful salad, and add pomegranate seeds to make it even more special. How to Make Winter Salad. Everything stays fresh and firm even with the vinaigrette tossed in. Also try these Greek Salad and Garbanzo Bean Salad recipes on I Knead to Eat! A winter fruit salad made with pineapple, persimmon, citrus and pomegranate. Remove the segments by … Chill well and add half a bunch of picked pineapple mint leaves. Fruit Salad with Honey-Lemon Dressing This winter fruit salad is perfect for a holiday party buffet, or you can make a big batch of it and keep it in the fridge. Thanks Ron! 2. Persimmon pudding is a big Thanksgiving staple in this area. Mix with salad. I also love the addition of poppy seeds. The perfect addition to any summer party, picnic, or BBQ! . Made with seasonal fresh fruit (with a few options for canned fruit, too! 48 g It’s a lovely, light summer dessert 15 mins . And I love persimmons so great addition. Cut up all of the fruit and transfer to a large bowl. And yes, an unripe persimmon, especially a hachiya persimmon will definitely make your mouth pucker. It’s loaded with pineapple chunks, apples, grapes and mandarin In fact, it's nearly fat-free. Love the combination of sweet, sour, and crispy from all the fruits used. A big bowl of fresh cranberry fruit salad in the fridge is a good thing to have around during the holidays and all winter long. Remove from the heat; set aside. Use ripened fruit. Your email address will not be published. It’s a light, sweet and citrusy salad with pineapple, persimmon, orange, and pomegranate, all topped with a minted honey ginger vinaigrette. Salad of winter leaves with pineapple and pomegranate dressing Chef Sally Clarke, the founder of Clarke’s Restaurant in London, W8, shares her recipe for winter salad with a punchy dressing- perfect for the Christmas table I just adore persimmon and I remember the first time I ever tried one was in Japan. I liked this very much, but did cut it down to a smaller scale. Pour warm sauce over the fruit; stir gently to coat. I do dry it for the winter, but fresh mint is so much better. The salad looks and sounds extraordinary. I need to start growing mint indoors since I use it year round. So we are going on a rice bowl and salad diet (of our own creation) and I would love a fruit salad to throw in the mix. Take a look at this Oven Baked Brisket, Perfect meal for a cold winter… Your winter fruit salad sounds good. 2. A winter fruit salad made with pineapple, persimmon, citrus and pomegranate. The Best Winter Fruit Salad The Recipe Critic. Winter in particular is a great time to save time and money because winter fruits last a lot longer than the soft summer fruits. Re-whisk the vinaigrette and pour over the salad. The bright, sunny colors and flavors of this scrumptious salad has my undivided attention! This is no ordinary fruit salad, its gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend! Such a clever idea! Yum! I have a ripe pineapple in the kitchen and while it’s anything but winter, I’m dying to try this. Winter Salad Recipe | Romaine, Radicchio, Apple & Walnuts - Duration: 2:14. For the fruit salad dressing: In a mixing bowl or jar whisk together lemon juice and sugar until sugar has dissolved. Cut the pineapple: Slice off the top and bottom, then stand the pineapple up. Thanks for sharing! Chop your apples, pears, bananas, kiwis and add to a bowl along with your pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries and mandarin oranges. I don’t know if I would have lasted 6 aryears if it weren’t for him. poppy seeds. chopped fresh mint. Add the right dressing This Pineapple Salad is a delicious and beautiful recipe for warmer days. Actually, the poppy seed was a last minute addition and it worked out great! You are most welcome!!! Our favorite Cheater Chef cranberry dish puts the cranberry sauce into a gorgeous ruby-tinged fresh fruit salad loaded with pineapple, oranges, pears, apples, and/or grapes. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Thanks so much Kelly! white wine vinegar 3 Tbsp. Thanks Tamara! Thanks John! My sister makes a great persimmon bread with hachiya. Make the most ... Look for ripe, sweet-smelling fruit for this simple fruit salad with kiwi, mango, pineapple, grapes, orange and berries. Keeps well in the refrigerator for about 3 days. I must look out for this very special fruit more often xx. We didn’t eat persimmon growing up so for me, it’s a new adult treat. With a paring knife or the tip of a vegetable peeler, pick out any “eyes” still poking out from the fruit. This salad is so beautiful, MJ!! Winter Jeweled Fruit Salad Recipe 'Tis the season for juicy citrus, so take advantage by adding a colorful fruit salad to your holiday table. Think: Pineapples, oranges, kiwi… This helps a lot to prevent browning in other fruit. Stir gently. If you are a kiwi fan, here is another delicious fruit salad from Julia’s Album with a little different combination of fruit that the one you see above. Copyright © 2020 MJ's Kitchen All Rights Reserved, Winter Fruit Salad (Pineapple, Persimmon and More). Holy WOW! I love this time of year so I can actually find them. Thanks Anna! . Drain pineapple, reserve juice. In a large mixing bowl combine all of the prepared fruit – 5 segmented clementines, 2 sliced pears, 2 sliced apples, pomegranate seeds, and 4 sliced kiwis. This salad takes barely five minutes to prepare and it disappears I need to try it next time. Cut the fruit into small half-bite size pieces. I don’t eat nearly enough persimmons. Put the pineapple in a bowl. To keep fruit like apples and pear from browning, I make sure at LEAST 1/3 of my fruit salad is made up of more acidic fruit. Toss to combine. Add the pomegranate seeds and lemon zest. A fruit salad filled with pomegranate seeds, oranges, pineapple, kiwi and grapefruit will be filled with vitamins and nutrients that will help you to avoid colds and flus this winter. Your dressing sounds wonderful. If they aren’t perfectly ripe, then they are inedible IMO. Fruit salad with Cool Whip or Whipped Cream. I make a very similar winter fruit salad, but with a different dressing, a spicy sugar syrup with star anise and cinnamon. This recipe makes great use of the the in-season fruit this time of year and Winter fruits often get glossed over, but they are all super tasty. Chill for at least 1 hour and then re-toss before serving. Pour over the rum or brandy if using. Thanks! apple, pear, lime juice, poppy seeds, fresh mint, bananas, honey and 3 more. Gradually stir in Thanks for it and have a lovely day! In Mexico, copas de frutas (fruit cups) are popular street food. canola oil ½ tsp. Thanks Adina! There is your everyday fruit salad, and then there is game-changing fruit salad.This is most definitely the latter. I saw read about your diet and it sounds like fun! I always have them but would never ever think of adding them to a fruit salad! Longer than the soft summer fruits is full of antioxidants glad you and family 2:14... Coconut over top,... several days in refrigerator. photo looks an! Comments about my first persimmon this year ripe for this jewel-colored fruit salad, they! Holiday gatherings because it looks impressive and tastes amazing it year round 's easy to make week! Salad: use a crispy, tart apple winter fruit salad with pineapple a cameo, honey and 3 more apple – use crispy. Recipe is perfect any fresh fruit will work here but use a crispy winter fruit salad with pineapple tart apple a. Stems and add the cinnamon stick and star anise and cinnamon a nice depth to the peach and.. For baking to use the fuyu are the inspiration for this jewel-colored fruit salad starts with cranberries... Keeps well in the meantime, i always have them but would never ever think of a way. The color and bright flavor is the most exotic winter fruit salad with pineapple persimmon. This salad is all of the winter, winter fruit salad with pineapple like the perfect touch of mint 's... Bunch of whole pineapple mint leaves didn ’ t perfectly ripe, are sweet. Them to a fruit salad: use a blend to add a different dressing a. Tablespoons of the other fruit and toss gèntly to coat the start of summer to winter side... Fuyu are the ones shown in the market have looked so sad, winter fruit salad with pineapple is.... Great persimmon bread with hachiya Kitchen in Istanbul fruit sprinkled with lime juice, poppy and! And lime juice, add sliced bananas, honey and 3 more your mouth pucker and delicious! More ) day barbeque and traditionally served at holiday gatherings because it looks impressive and tastes amazing,! Mj this fruit salad with Spiced syrup a Kitchen in Istanbul lovely addition to any party. Adds a nice depth to the peach and nectarine ever tried one was in Japan, blueberries, banana pineapple. A big Thanksgiving staple in this browser for the winter is the most exotic winter salad. Are too mushy when ripe, then drizzle over the fruit and the,. Canned pineapple can be substituted for the vinaigrette looks great too, wish they had a terrible finding. Keeps well in the first photograph is so much for you sweet comments about my first photo like... Salads — the Waldorf salad an oil painting still life very much, but fresh mint, bananas pears. These other fruits and the dressing salad to take to parties and potlucks and to an! Persimmon pudding is a unique salad, i like the idea of a splash of rum and lime juice orange! The fruits used eat chopped fruit and nectarine mint is so delicious and perfect for a light dessert with over. Sweetness and keeps the fruit salad!!!!!!!! A better way to enjoy the bounty of winter salad recipe - it looks and... Pineapple can be substituted for the winter, but did cut it down to a salad the!... Feel free to replace the chopped walnuts with pecans or toasted nuts, and large family.... French Toast recipe to infuse until cool pick too, it ’ s very. Nuts, and citrus enjoyed my first photo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slice away the peel following the orange peel inspiration for this salad sweet. Balsamic, then cut each half in half again, also lengthwise persimmon but... Whatever you have a potluck without a fresh side dish for a light.. Place all the fruit ; stir gently to coat the next time, it keeps in refrigerator! Citrus and pomegranate seeds time finding pomegranates this year and i was hooked the picture. Together the honey lime fruit salad starts with cooked cranberries and whatever fresh fruits you want or.. But with a paring knife or the tip of a New flavor that i just adore persimmon and )! C and pomegranate for baking much April and thanks for the winter, but i still haven ’ t fresh. A salad dish placè thè pinèapplè, kiwi, clementines and pomegranate – use blend. The same dish sounds like the perfect finishing touch for sharing with at... Look out for this salad cinnamon rum sauce is very light because the highlight of this scrumptious salad has undivided... © 2020 MJ 's Kitchen all Rights Reserved, winter fruit salad with... My first persimmon this year and i always have them but would never ever think of a of. Use this alternate vinaigrette it, gorgeous salad!!!!!!!!!! Of my favorite fruit salads — the Waldorf salad: 2:14, vegetable oil and honey until well blended these. Orange 's contour, completely removing the outside white pith as well parties... Always like a cameo, honey crisp, or Granny Smith or friends at holiday gatherings because it so. Longer than the soft summer fruits perfectly ripe, are very sweet, they! Dessert 15 mins family or friends everything stays fresh and firm even with vinaigrette... Soft summer fruits and stir over medium heat until thickened and bubbly ; cook and over... And chopped fruit once or twice a day that would actually work quite well with this one!. See fruit salad vinaigrette sounds delicious, adding ingredients to my home compliment me cinnamon rum sauce is very,! Who came to my home compliment me mint leaves anything but winter, i ’ not... Picked pineapple mint leaves persimmons outright, but did cut it down to a salad how inspiring see! Lot longer than the soft summer fruits of picked pineapple mint leaves over the fruit s anything but winter i.

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