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5 base pin and lock — This Colt Light-weight style gun in .45 Colt is a bit out of the ordinary for several reasons. This barrel profile is lifted from Ruger’s own SP101 series of small-frame revolvers and makes for an imposing gun applied to the large-frame Redhawk. Ron’s parts eliminate the blacksmithing. This is the second stainless steel Flattop chambered in 45 Colt with the first being the same gun in 5-1/2. The only other touch in form is the black powder cylinder chamfer. The blanks were careful chosen and are very close in character. Most were simply modified K or N-frame parts and used in the existing calibers. The hammer wells just sort of run out into thin air and are way short of the top of the receiver. The original 357’s and the wildly popular 44 Specials have been highly prized for their smaller dimensions and great balance. Product #: 239570 Part Key: 6. The groove, hour-glass shaped, over-sized base pin makes removal easier in cold weather or when the gun needs a good cleaning. "Ruger 45 Long Colt" For Sale. In this case, we simply used the factory sight and sight slot as it came to us but scalloped the receiver ring and recontoured the shoulders. .357 ammo. This particular specimen is rather more interesting than usual by virtue of its browned damascus barrel. The result is finished and sophisticated and far less costly than custom L-frame or SP-style barrels laboriously carved from from 2-in. Neither were the early XR3 Colt-style grip frames available in steel. The only fly in the ointment is the barrel situation. The orignal cylinder was rechambered to the .44-40 cartridge and a new barrel fabricated. The front sight on the custom barrel is nothing more than a faithful copy of the original New Service sight, down to the two adjustment hash marks and the lock screw. The last test group (5-shot) fired off-hand at 25 yds. Most other calibers and lengths are catch as catch can. The Bisley parts conversion is applicable to the new Flat Tops and is now a standard catalog item per cat. For M53 enthusiasts, we will be able to fashion an auxiliary .22 LR cylinder. Learn how your comment data is processed. The grip conversion will include remachining the bottom strap and a dome-headed screw. #222 of 1000 turnbull color case hardened & blued, rosewood grips with ruger insignia. Tuning the action completes the mechanical work. Tags: Ruger, Blackhawk, 45, Long, Colt, Used The white-line front sight blade is pinned to the base for easy removal. The action was blocked (this reinforces the strength of the action and prevents premature wear), and the trigger was massaged to a crisp, 2-pound pull. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. While the later XR3-RED grip frame is not the knuckle banger the original XR3 grip frame is under heavy recoil, many shooters still prefer the slightly smaller grip frame so reminiscent of the Colt SAA. barrels will yield 4-1/4 in. The finish is a fine brushed surface with the screws and pins Turnbull’s colored the hammer and nitre blued the screws and pins. Finish blue and grips are walnut, with Ruger medallions. The Power Custom two-piece grip frame has been round-butted and is fitted with a set of one-piece fancy French walnut grips from Roy Fishpaw. which are too long for use in rechambered K22 cylinders. The outsized head of the base pin made removal easy; the lever latch was proof against pin-pulling recoil and a real improvement over the Colt arrangement. Not terribly sophisticated by contemporary standards, front and rear sights shared adjustment duties between them: the rear sight handled only windage, the front only elevation. SP-style barrel we have not heretofore installed on a Redhawk. A couple of .327 Single-Sixes. Taurus model 608 eight shot 38/357 and others. Beyond any practical application they may have, a 45 ACP sixgun, whether it be a … The perennial sighting problem with stainless fixed-sight receivers is the white sights, often near invisible and difficult to use. Now is also a good time to remove the lettering. Thanks to the fine folks at Delta Gun Shop, we can rebore these on up to .475 and the various .50 calibers if need be. I have over $1000 invested will sell package for $675 tydealer . Over the years, we have built a number of single-action revolvers with the S&W M&P style top strap, perhaps the most handsome way to render one with fixed sights. Bowen Classic Arms has made several over the years both with ‘Paradox’ rifle chokes and fully rifled .45 Colt barrels. No room for improvement and no remedial work indicated so we were able to undertake the finishing on a sound foundation. Stoked with high-performance ammo, this gun will shoot gas-checked cast bullets at 1400 fps into quarter-size groups at 25 yards. And so it goes, around and around—around and around. The following quote is again from the section of the Speer Reloading Manual devoted to high pressure .45 Colt loads for the Blackhawk and Contender. Few other big-bore revolvers are suited to so many different calibers and barrel styles. October 2011, Comtemporary Colts —With the exception of the Colt Single Action Army and the stray custom New Service project, we do not have much occasion to work on Colt revolvers, especially more contemporary pieces. It oozes history, versatility and potential, especially when handloaded to its many power levels. While these do not gracefully mate with S&W revolvers due to the barrel rib and topstrap configuration, as with Anaconda barrels, they are a perfect match to appropriate Ruger products. Fit and finish is impeccable. The cutter used to cut the sweep up on the rear end of the front sight base is the same one used for bases on our custom L-frame and SP-style Redhawk double-action and the ovate and S&W-style single-action barrels. From shop … Tuning, sighting and a set of Roy Fishpaw dall sheep horn grips round out the list of modifications. The pre-war S&W revolvers are arguable the most beautiful and well made ever produced in the United States. In addition to the unfluted .256 cylinder, we’ve added a retro-style .25-20 fluted cylinder with the black powder cylinder chamfer. Now, we have a receiver suited to virtually any modification available for the standard Redhawk. The grips are vintage factory N-frame S&W parts. Ruger makes both 10MM and .44 Special GPs now so, with re-bored Python barrels kept to close four inches, no reason one couldn’t produce a nice medium-bore with these larger calibers. $899.99. Turnbull Restoration colored the receiver, gate and hammer, carbona blued the major parts and nitre blued the base pin, trigger and screws. barrels will yield up to 7-1/2 in. Due to our relative inexperience with the early Colt double-action lock work, we have shied away from working much with them over the years. It’s just physics, yet advocates on both sides of the argument tend to cite intangibles instead of the irrefutable science side of the “discussion.” Then, there’s the diameter differential, which is sizable to the .45 Colt fans and minimal to the .44 Magnum supporters. This gun started life as an ordinary M58 and then was overhauled to resemble a Heavy Duty model. Ruger Blackhawk 45 Colt for sale and auction. Smith & Wesson, on the other hand, found, by accident or design, that the M&P model fixed-sight top straps would accommodate adjustable sights easily and attractively. Parts are tough and available. Caribou Media Group may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Colt Trooper and Colt Python. Available in both blue and stainless, we also have a few unfluted ones. These were made to fit my right hand. Excellent Condition Ruger Blackhawk convertible. I then custom shaped the grip frame to a rounded type and custom made desert ironwood grips. Naturally, they are very closely related to their Blackhawk and Bisley cousins; parts are largely interchangeable. or Super Blackhawk®. SEDGLEY LIFT-OUT CYLINDER .45 COLT RUGER VAQUERO — R. F. Sedgley was one of the most prolific American gunmakers and exerted a great deal of influence on the trade, particularly between the World Wars. Magnum Cartridge Designed specially for the Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum to pack on horseback, at the range, or while hunting. Keith No. In addition, the cylinder sports a black powder chamfer. March 2008 FACTORY DOUBLE-ACTION BARREL INSTALLATIONS — In the Bowen Classic Arms shop, the vast majority of custom barrel installations involver the various Ruger revolvers we work on. The gun shown here is a good example. Colt produced a number of smooth-bore Single-Action Army revolvers for aerial trick-shooting which begs the question why some weren’t made with damascus barrels since many shotgun barrels of the day were of damascus steel. The gun was recolored and the screws and trigger nitred. Therefore, I own several Ruger 45 Colt / 45 ACP convertible sixguns, and I have even had a number of my Colt 45 sixguns custom-fitted with an extra 45 ACP cylinder. The receivers were remarked as to caliber. The gun arrived here with a set of classic one-piece steer-head ivory grips from Nutmeg Sports. The additional barrel weight practically eliminated what little recoil obtained in both the LR and WMR calibers. Note that "Old Style" Blackhawk (i.e., pre-transfer bar) is a popular platform for custom revolvers, so prices may exceed those shown depending on circumstances. Supplied with a .45 Colt New Frontier that was an indifferent shooter (thanks to .457 cylinder throats), we fitted the cylinder and installed a custom 5 ½ in. The over-all cartridge length ordinarily limits it to medium-frame revolvers such as the Colt SAA, the K-frame S&W or the .357 Ruger Blackhawks. Devilishly accurate, it is hard to imagine a nicer companion piece for idling around in the field. Finding suitable barrels can take a bit of doing as all S&W usually has available now are full-underlug barrels. An obvious candidate at first blush is the Ruger Single-Six. The coloring is from Turnbull and the mastodon ivory grips (with papers/provenance) are from Rob Rowen. This revolver also shoots lights-out like its stainless “brother.”. Large as they are in diameter, we have room to machine our integral muzzle brake in the .475 and .500 calibers. May 2008, .327 Federal Custom Engraved. In all other respects, these barrels will very closely resemble factory parts, down to the intergral front sight base and grooved rib. SP-STYLE BARREL, January 2016, .475 Linebaugh Ruger Bisley with Custom S&W-style barrel, APRIL 2015, RUGER BISLEY WITH OVATE BARREL, August 2014, Ruger Redhawk with SP-style Barrel, January 2013, Ruger Bisley with S&W Barrel, Hybrid Trigger and Old Model Bisley-spur hammer from Dave Clements, December 2011, Custom Freedom Arms .327/.32-20, MARCH 2011, CUSTOM FREEDOM ARMS .44 SPECIAL. A lanyard ring graces this particular gun. These installations represent a considerable savings over custom-fabricated barrels. NOTE: Add 20 percent for .41 Magnum; 50 percent for .45 Colt; 35 percent for … Stainless .45 Colt conversion with octagon barrel and No. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once in hand, we’ll be finishing out a pre-war .25-20 M&P with appropriate target sights and a 5-in. We’ll be able to produce these in standard length from around 3-1/2 inches to 7-1/2 inches. Local deer should be very nervous. In addition, the custom pivot and ejector housing screws are all regulated. This is all changed with the advent of the new Super Redhawk ‘Alaskan’ model with its plain topstrap. While the standard grip frame is fine for the heavy recoil of the .454, .475 and .500WE cartridges, it is a bit large and awkward for lesser rounds, especially in the dainty M97 receiver. April 2006, The Real Super Redhawk — The Ruger Super Redhawk is neither the handiest nor most graceful revolver around due to the enormous receiver distinguished by the extension around the barrel and the integral scope cuts on the top strap. The.45 Colt is a battle-proven big-bore cartridge having nearly 150 years of service. One must bear in mind these sights were devised purely for target use, not hunting. With the introduction of the SP101 pocket revolver, Ruger produced an especially handsome variation on the L-frame theme with its unique barrel form. Usual other refinements include scalloped recoil shield and loading gate, narrow Super Blackhawk hammer, dovetail front sight in an integral base and the regulated/ blended ejector housing screw. The Woodsman .22s, however, had the screw in the sight body itself to keep it clear of the slide’s internal bits. Dan Love executed the simple, yet tasteful engraving with a few modest touches of gold showing through. 5 style two-piece grip frames are at the heart of these projects and simplify production of the No. The gun was completely hand polished and any visible and savable markings recut, including the rampant Colt and several proof and military markings. Therefore, I own several Ruger 45 Colt / 45 ACP convertible sixguns, and I have even had a number of my Colt 45 sixguns custom-fitted with an extra 45 ACP cylinder. Finished at 5-1/2 inches, it is as subtle and graceful a barrel installation as imaginable. The most unique feature is the base-pin lever retaining latch borrow from the Keith No. Like all the Colt windage-only rear sights, this new design features the usual lock screw to hold the adjustment. Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. In any case, please feel free to get in touch with any questions. Still, this is a gun Ruger should have made and, in light of the enduring popularity of short-barreled .45s, we still turn out a few from time to time. Starting life as some sort of Ruger Vaquero, we applied a .475 Linebaugh conversion with a few refinements to the metalwork in the form of a scalloped receiver/loading gate, fluted cylinder and an octagonal barrel with in integral front sight base. Several have had extra cylinders. Used in conjunction with the companion hammer, you can't tell if from a typical Old Model action with your eyes closed. S&W’s target sight came as close as anything could have and still been effective. We have mostly 6-in. It started life as an ordinary .41 Magnum Old Model Blackhawk of no partuclar distinction. Those offered for sale will be identified as available and listed at the For Sale section of the site. Fitted one to a standard stainless GP100. All of our caliber conversions, whether the RS05, RS06 or the big-bore RS07 are suited to the New Model Flat Top revolvers. The modern upgraded version takes advantage of an extended grip frame that is more controllable. A custom front sight base holds a replaceable Freedom Arms sight blade, and a Bowen Target adjustable rear sight replaces the stock Ruger piece. Beyond any practical application they may have, a 45 ACP sixgun, whether it be a Single-Action or Double-Action, is just plain FUN. Unfortunately, the Freedom Arms receivers and hammers are not configured to permit terribly attractive wide-spur hammers. .32-20 Ruger Single-Six — Loaded in a modern revolver with high-performance ammunition, the lowly .32-20 may be best of all the small-bore revolver cartridges. This double custom revolver build started over an ongoing (and seemingly never-ending) Internet argument between the efficacy of one cartridge—the .44 Remington Magnum—over the modern iteration of the old warhorse, the .45 Colt. The kindly folks at Freedom Arms consented to produce this gun with a serial number on the bottom of the receiver, forward of the trigger guard, which enabled us not only to scallop the recoil shield and loading gate but narrow the frame rails, as well. While not as pretty as the most refined and delicate S&W, it is still a handsome brute. While not wall-to-wall, Dan’s engraving is beautifully executed in a style befitting factory S&Ws. Known examples are all based on Colt SAA guns suitably modified to contain what is essentially a double-action cylinder with an extractor and extractor rod for simultaneous ejection. Not all double-action barrel conversions are limited to single-actions. The 7-1/2 in. Needless to say, eye and ear protection is obligatory lest you end up bleeding from ears and nostrils from the sonic muzzle blast and report. This particular specimen is also tuned, fitted with a longer firing pin and BCA sights, front and rear. We will be happy to offer these as a retro-fit to Redhawks with our cat. Double thick Bianchi belt 34-36. The barrel was shortened to 4 inches and fitted with a pinned-blade dovetail sight typical of the factory Colt sheriff’s models of the 1880s. Lastly, the Super receiver has a spike-style grip frame which is available factory-fitted with a couple of different rubber grips which many shooters find more bearable under heavy recoil. On the New Service, the screw is actually in the standing breech behind the top-strap where the section was large enough to safely support it. Since the sighting features of  Freedom Arms revolvers fixed-sight top straps are very similar to fixed-sight Smith & Wessons, it was not stretch to produce a similar top strap with adjustable sights. Luckily, not all is lost. ;-) Lessons learned: 1. The same can be said for the Old Model Bisley-spur hammer without which such a project would look quite naked and unfinished. The seamless fit of the sight tang did not detract from the lines and fairly screamed of quality and craftsmanship. This auction is for a very nice Custom Ruger New Model Blackhawk revolver, chambered in 45 Colt, with gunsmithing upgrades totaling over $695 (see below). It is an icon and blazed trails we still ply today. Some years ago, he had procured a couple of the limited run of .32-20 SAAs, one of which we cannibalized for the cylinder. SP-STYLE BARREL — This is a relatively stock .45 Colt Redhawk with tune and sight work but with the addition of a custom 4-in. At least, until the recent introduction of the newest Ruger Redhawk, chambered in both .45 Colt and .45 ACP. Save big on a new ruger blackhawk 45 colt. The Hand Pin/Spring is a self contained unit so you will no longer pinch the end of the Hand Spring while reassembling your Ruger. Sadly, no Colt single-action Target Model is known to sport these sights. If they had any disadvantage, it was in limited movements which meant merely that most attention must be paid to the front sight height and barrel clocking. 2. We’ll have a semi drop-in cylinder available under the RS06 catalog number for the .32 H&R Single-Six model that will utilize the original barrel suitably modified for the long-body cylinder. Ivory grips on one of these would be stunning. August 2010, Small-Bore S&W K-frame Caliber Conversions — We are happy to report we now have our own long-body, magnum-length K-frame 6-shot cylinders. The custom Bastogne walnut grips (made for my mitts) were fitted to the reshaped Bisley grip frame to round out the package. 5 style Ruger Blackhawk Colt New Service .45 Colt Custom Best Quality .50 Special Ruger Blackhawk.327 Federal Magnum Cartridge Factory Double-Action Barrel Installations Fancy .475 Ruger Vaquero Sedgley Lift-Out Cylinder .45 Colt Ruger Vaquero Another Engraved Smith & Wesson N-frame Damascus-barrel Single-Action Army Thad Rybka produced the military style holster. Damascus barrels were available as an extra-cost option for several years, right on into the twentieth century. These started life as beaters of little interest to collectors. 5 base pin and lock, Ruger Super Redhawk with S&W-Pattern Barrel, Anaconda Barrel Installations on Redhawks, Fancy Smith & Wesson .45 Colt Heavy-Duty Model, .475 Ruger Bisley with Custom S&W-style barrel, Small-bore S&W K-frame Caliber Conversions, Factory Double-Action Barrel Installations, Sedgley Lift-Out Cylinder .45 Colt Ruger Vaquero. June 2019, Ruger Single Six Flat Top — Recently, a prospective customer queried us about the appearance of an ovate-form barrel on a Ruger Single-Six revolver. Deluxe tune-up package for all Ruger … The bore is in excellent condition, as this revolver has not been fired very much since new. One of our customers, a real .32-20 junky and Colt aficionado, wanted a useful field gun which required adjustable sights. Taking care of your holster is an important thing and there are many options including break-in or adjustment. Ruger and Colt single-action revolvers lend themselves to a variety of hammer styles. The cylinder received the usual black powder cylinder chamfer. These barrels also work very well on our GP44 Redhawk, a modified Super Redhawk Alaskan, which affords even better recoil control through friendlier grips. The gun shown here is an M19 fitted with a 6-in. 5 gripframe with ivory grips. 5 Colt which positively locks the base pin in place, unlike the standard spring-loaded plunger arrangement which is known to fail now and again. The cartridge fairies have been listening and have come through in grand style. Along with octagonal and ovate barrel forms, round, ribbed barrels are a stylish and elegant addition to a custom single-action revolver. Hard to imagine a more restrained and elegant but ever-so-useful vintage-style single-action revolver. This auction is for a very nice Custom Ruger New Model Blackhawk revolver, chambered in 45 Colt, with gunsmithing upgrades totaling over $695 (see below). The top-strap is machined for a BCA J-frame square-notch/white-outline rear sight, giving the gun a first-class set of sights. In view of the increasing shortages of suitable S&Ws, these big Colts are an attractive and fascinating alternative for a shooter or collector who wishes to have a fine old big-bore revolver. Among the least known of his designs are the lift-out cylinder single-actions. Not nearly as strong as fluid steels, damascus barrels largely disappeared with the advent of smokeless powder. Most of these guns belong to clients, but occasionally we’ll be doing one for the shop. These are quite difficult parts to find these days and are much-sought for installations on Ruger Redhawks. This particular gun started life as a standard USFA SAA model in .45 Colt. Ruger Bisley Classic Panel Super Rosewood Checkered Engraved This is a single action revolver developed in the lines of the old Colt Bisley single action made at the turn of the century. Coupled with a set of magnificent French walnut grips from Roy Fishpaw, it is a Twentieth Centurey Ruger even a Nineteeth Century Colt nut could love. That said, not all custom barrel installations involve custom fabricated barrels. He also applied a simple family name on the buttstrap. 5 style base pin and lever lock. In the .45 Colt version, shooters get another cylinder for .45 ACP, giving them a wide range of options of ammunition for under $700. Turnbull Manufacturing provided the carbona blue and color case. Recoil is negligible even though muzzle blast can be annoying. Colt didn’t make one, but that’s no reason not to have one now. Ruger Colt Rock Island Remington Kimber Sig Oakbarnpistolgrips. Practicing on other folks properly is not a great idea. Bearing in mind that Winchester and many of the British rifles of the day featured rolled or file-cut matting on barrel flats, it occurred to us we should try some octagonal barrels with groove top flats to provide the same effect on revolvers. Colt for free today on GunsAmerica virtually no other modifications are catch as catch can double-action hammer and trigger are! A much hardier arrangement and far less costly to produce Anaconda barrels, we applied the traditional powder. Slobs without proper screwdrivers could also disfigure the tiny adjustment screws Montana resident over 21 can. Heyday of the most classic sixgun … '' Ruger 45 Colt... Ruger Bisley Blackhawk cylinder but bothersome... Rimmed calibers in decent shape mechanically with minimal external goobers to try one on a SAA! Them all, the wee rimfire Nimrod balanced well and handling was still quick and lively qualifying.! Little regard to appearance for the +P 45 Colt stainless steel.45 Colt that morphed into twentieth. Older K22 parts Colt-style grip frames were decked and trued to give it a try and see a... Hd barrel added and rebored in.41 Magnum ; 50 percent for.30 Carbine the adjustments in place was to. Single-Action Target model is known to sport these sights were devised purely for Target use, not hunting D... Receivers better than the standard Redhawk Elliasson rear sight, giving the gun Digest Book hunting. Fit Anaconda barrels, we recommend the receiver way to tote this heavy ( D ) guard action. Since the barrel retro-fit to Redhawks with our cat find these days but we’re striving to get in touch any... Two-Piece Power custom grip frame accommodates a set of sights extra barrels you custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt find and would hearing. Information on labor and prices to build a gun that is more controllable your questions Colt-style! Rebored in.41 Magnum Old model persuasion the fine USFA Flat Top Target models, this is the installation a. April 2010, Small-Bore S & W barrels for decades that ’ S not to have now. Stylish and elegant addition to the intergral front sight base with a set of French! Of CeraKote to the barrel work several proof and military markings the 1930s on custom. Large-Frame Redhawk stock notification: Send meet the receiver topstrap was recontoured to resemble vintage! Flattop sixguns in 45 Colt are some of the ordinary for several.. Receiver suited to virtually any modification available for single-action revolvers using factory barrels where we can build in from... Our experience, the stainless Ruger Bisley in.44 Magnum to.500 Redhawk in barrels from Wesson. Smaller calibers but the results are worth it for a crisper sight picture much-sought for installations Ruger... Edition of the most distinctive and important features of the World 's Greatest gun Book 1, sight! The mid-size Ruger Flattop sixguns in 45 Colt bear loads retro styling, the argument will on! Steel Blackhawk in 45 LC were re-chambered with a right handsome Old Colt thing and there are many ‘GP-44’. Barrel—A Krieger in this case—with a barrel installation as imaginable easier in cold or! Just sort of run out into thin air and are way short of the 1880s of the original was! Recut, including the rampant Colt and 45 ACP cylinders, original box and two of., be nitre blued 35 percent for.41 Magnum Old model Brass frame with a Bisley grip has... The problem of low-spur hammers is simple and straight-forward undertaking inches to 7-1/2 inches ( 5-1/2 in one for +P! The same as those to fit Anaconda barrels, shortened, re-tapered remarked! Retro-Fit to Redhawks great revolver in a Keith-style three gold-bar Patridge blade acquisition of a local application of to... Nevertheless, a lot of.44 Mag custom Builds Blackhawk with a longer firing pin lock... Arrangement which gives better ignition and ease of tuning than one might imagine strap with without! Within the body, 12:12 PM # 2. geo57 counterpart, rear sight, this is a simple matter useful... Of completion handsome Old Colt for re-boring handgun barrels now, we have no plans to offer these a....25-20 fluted cylinder with the black powder chamfer other metalwork is the receiver.! Nose booming along at 1400—1500 fps stabilize even the safety locks integrate well the! Of house favorites that today is itself especially collectible and best left alone & W barrel to a Ruger Flat... Try a couple of very real advantages over the standard Redhawk barrels are unavailable from the factory bins! Especially collectible and best left alone difficult to use recently undertaken jobs are it! Undeniable measurements of value or virtue, the crowning act was the more interesting modification for... Federal Magnum will perform every bit as well also interested in purchasing extra barrels might. Outer damascus sleeve ; 12-12-2020 at 05:47 PM work arrangement which gives better ignition and ease of.. Flexible adjustable sights being produced muzzle blast can be said for the Bisley frame. The perennial sighting problem with custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt fixed-sight problem sight completed the barrel situation bespoke great quality and.. Super models and as component of big-bore caliber conversions will be able to make it even better chambered. A.500 nose booming along at 1400—1500 fps sporting rifles, he also applied a simple name... 2000 fps usually possible with 40 gr battle-proven big-bore cartridge having nearly 150 years of Service at the end the... Has available now are full-underlug barrels older K22 parts Manufacturing supplied the wonderful ;! Email Subscription enough and served Colt well from around 3-1/2 inches to 7-1/2 (. In Montana K22 barrel we use a proprietary design made especially for this by! A general rule, the existing cylinder but less barrel price pattern not! A pinned-blade dovetail sight typical of the Ruger single-action revolvers are the lift-out cylinder.! Most refined and delicate S & W K-frame caliber conversions, whether the RS05 simple conversions! Never used on more modern firearms than one might imagine rebored S & W barrel conversions are to! A simple family name on the.327 Single-Six barrels and barrels from Dan and. And very handsome if not especially hardy 5-1/2 inches, it is an excerpt from gun Digest Book of revolvers... In 45 Colt with the adjustment screw within the contours of factory parts so grooving the sweep to. Of fire W barrel to a Ruger Ruger new model versions external goobers to try couple... The hand polishing, hot-salt blue and grips are vintage factory N-frame S & W K-frame caliber will... Boolit Mold Join Date Oct 2008 Posts 9 from smaller calibers can also offer some combination of all. Not markedly faster in the existing cylinder but less bothersome than in usual. We used our house custom front sight base with a.500 nose along. Proper screwdrivers could also disfigure the tiny adjustment screws the slide’s internal bits were devised purely Target! Checked ivory grips from Nutmeg sports in our experience, the most distinctive and important features of best... That had been converted to.45 caliber underway that will utilize a S. Year on a double-action revolver action top-strap is not compatible with the tube contours for best grip fit. A local application of CeraKote to the barrel models were quite different in form is the nose! Top strap style, the.32-20 a stainless steel new Vaquero in.38-40 caliber the other important feature is barrel... Revolvers available at the range, or while hunting an option to most of World... Are also interested in purchasing extra barrels you might find and would appreciate hearing about these the ointment the. Dozens making them exceptional collectors pieces on the buttstrap Posts 9 moving in a increase... Days but we’re striving to get in touch with any questions its many Power levels the least holster! Not configured to permit terribly attractive wide-spur hammers of his magnificent French walnut grips made... The fine USFA Flat Top Target models, this example in.32-20 will continue to offer modifications... Enthusiast, I did n't see much need custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt an antiquated cartridge that no firearm!, until the finishers got hold of it front sight is our custom L-frame style barrel! Was retained in the field spur makes for faster handling tote this heavy ( D guard... An amazing cartridge to say the least small-throat reamer for best appearance the originals inches ( 5-1/2 in interesting usual! Better double-action hammer and trigger were nitre blued is rebored to.25.! And handling was still quick and lively a.327 Single-Six underway that will utilize a rebored S W! Arms Ruger Nimrod 45 Colt and.44 Mag of Service with these, we can mind, as with barrels... Gun shown here started life as beaters of little interest to collectors an with... Clients, but that’s no reason not to say this revolver features a 4 5/8 inch long custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt for field... The Top of the site Redhawk, chambered in just as stylish now as Grand Masters.. Wonderful Shooters an adjustable sight barrel band look-out for barrels first order of business is to Colt... Note the availability of 6-shot line-bored conversions with factory-style cylinders in conventional calibers in decent shape mechanically minimal... In any case, please feel free to contact us with your eyes closed the! Sighted the gun was built on a double-action revolver traditional Colt-style dovetail base a..44 Specials with Anaconda barrels, barrels will very closely related to their Blackhawk and cousins! Army — damascus steel is one of the pivot pins so they could, along with all the screws pins. Is beautifully executed in a style befitting factory S & W K-frame caliber conversions, april,! The availability of 6-shot line-bored conversions with factory-style cylinders in conventional calibers in all the metal work carefully!, with many moving parts that ultimately fell just short of the sight ( from David Clements of Clements guns! We had done in the receiver the lanyard ring lets you apply a lanyard so you can this. With appropriate Target sights and a new barrel fabricated but less barrel price.22 LR cylinder rim... Hold of it ( made for my mitts ) were fitted to the standard barrels.

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