IGNOU ROAD;4 Korean Artists unknown journey …. Curator: Insang Song. Participating Artists: Heeseung Yu, Jihyun kim, Jihoon kim, Hyun kim: IGNOU ROAD is a 2km road leading to the Niv Art Center in Delhi. The road suffers from a high level of traffic congestion at all times. Even Auto Rickshaws, one of the primary public transports available, are reluctant to go via this route unless offered a higher than usual fare. It is a one-lane road, with heavy traffic, and uneven surface. As a result, rain creates opportunities for water logging and more chaos. Still, no one complains – even as ten people ride on a Rickshaw with a capacity of four. I have admiration for people who spend their daily lives, without complaint, on this crowded, noise-ridden street. Four Korean artists visited India for the first time. It is a strange country to them. At their first encounter with Delhi, how nervous and curious did they feel as they traversed this long, smoggy, busy road with rikshaw horns blaring around them on their way to the Niv Art Centre from the airport? This is an exhibition that they’ve created within a 3-week residency based on their experience of the India The IGNOU ROAD is a metaphor for the strange, complex, frenzied and crowded scenery of India, Delhi, which is embedded within it. For those who meet India for the first time, such unfamiliar landscapes can be a source of inspiration and inspiration for their work. This exhibition will show the artists’ new creation together with existing works: Insang Song

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