Greenvein – Green Initiative

We are supporting India’s largest tree planting Organization, Greenvein. is a foundation for planting and protecting trees. Our vision is to reduce global warming and implement reforestation programs. 

Greenvein aims to plant one lakh saplings on 5th June 2014. We have adopted the Barsu village in Utharakhand for reconstruction. This is an abandoned village and we have started a nursery for plants over there. We will have similar nurseries in each and every state to support the Greenvein reforestation programs. 


Greenvein functions under the leadership of Swami Samvidanand who is the Secretary of  Abheda Ganga Mayya Trust which is located in Haridwar. Abheda Ganga Mayya Trust aims at the integral development of humanity and is dedicated to those who are suffering from diseases and other miseries. The Trust was formed in Haridwar in 1984. It got registration and moved to its own building in 2005. Then onwards the Trust is active in providing educational support for poor students, medical aid for the poor, anna danam and in conducting yoga camps, meditation and medical camps, etc. 


The trust succesfully completed the following activities in the previous years. 


We would like to include students from schools and colleges and various other organizations to be part of this and to propagate the idea. 

Swami Samvidanand, Trust Secretary will organise the activity with state level and district level co-ordinators and volunteers from all over India. 


GreenVein Team


Swami Samvidanand Chief Coordinator of Greenvein, Secretary of Abheda Ganga Mayya Trust.

Jayakumar is the Project Designer. 

Manoj Ravindran and Sham Krishnan Chithira . k . co-ordinates the activities in Kerala. 

Dr Sethulakshmi Nair co-ordinates in Karnataka

Praveenkumar Pawar  co-ordinates in Maharshtra

Bhagavan Dasji, Navaprabhath Gurukul co-ordinates the activities in Orissa. 

Kadham co-ordinates the activities in MadhyaPradesh.

Niv School co-ordinates the activities in UttarPradesh.

NIV VIDYA MANDIR and NIV ART CENTER co-ordinates the activities in Delhi.

Prof Somadev Sudhamsuji, Look Society and Praveen Kumar Pavar co-ordinates the activities in Utharakhand.

StudioJerryCo is in charge of the Design activities.