‘FRAU’ :International Women’s Day Residencies Program

A century ago, when the first International Women’s Day was marked, it was to honour women’s basic right to vote. So what does a Women’s Day mean to woman of today? Of course, she is still battling for her basic human rights. And yes, violation of her mind and body still bothers her. But are her thoughts bound by them? What is there in the mind of a woman of today that we need to give a voice to? Frau is a story of her mind’s journey, expressed through the works of seven women artists. Her search for her own identity is no longer governed by social norms. She is redefining herself and making choices based on her heart. She is also getting comfortable in her own skin. She is aware of herself as a soulful being. Her expansive mind is transcending all boundaries. She is exploring a realm beyond herself, surpassing the distinction of a man and a woman. Finally, she finds her true self in Mother Nature and submits to her. CURATED BY: LUBNA SEN

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