EAST WEST, International Artist Residency 2015

NIV Art Centre has hosted its 11th Artist in Residency program from January to March 2015 with 17 International Artists from 6 countries – B.AJAY SHARMA (India) -DEEPAK KURKI SHIVASWAMY (India) -DIRK BAUMANNS (Germany) -ENORA LALET (France) -EMA KAWANAGO (Japan) -GREEN RIOT (France) -HANIFA ALIZADA (Afghanistan) -KOUSTAV NAG(India) -MELODIE SERENA (France) -MIDHUN GOPI (India) -MONKEY BIRD (France) -NARAE JIN (South Korea) -PRIYESH TRIVEDI (India) -RAHUL GAUTAM (India) -RINKU CHAUHAN (India) -ROUGE (France), followed by 4 Group art exhibitions at Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Korean Culture Centre, Japan Foundation, NIV Art Centre and one solo show of Afghan Artist Hanifa Alizada at Niv Art Centre.


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