Artist in Residence – Jonathan Longuet


(1984) ,lives and works in Bordeaux,France  

‘JUNGLE ME’ 2014 Series (*)

Green Graffiti / Installations / Photography / Laboratory (**) / Street intervention / Workshop (***)     

In Human/Environment interactions, they are messengers , visuals, chemicals, structural…This is the language that I explore through my researches”     

For this series,Jonathan Longuet questioned the notion of the urban jungle-jungle me(i),density,movement -with a focus on the people  evolving  in  such  an  environment, their relationship with that world wich defines their identity. To conduct this project ,he began  a  conversation  with  a person  who  deals  everydays  with   these  issues   – Manou,  street  fashion  photographer. This exchange  of   ideas  transformed   itself  into  a  collaboration.Manou   photographs   people   on   street   of  India   an  Jonathan proposes  a   ‘vegetal’   version   of   these  subjects – a  kind  of  inventory   of  originality,  difference,  and  evolving  identities.

The result of this artistic collaboration is the series ‘JUNGLE ME’ especially made for Niv Art Centre.

Green Graffiti

Jonathan Longuet works with a ‘living plant paint’ ,Green Graffiti, and  on the development of autonomous evolutive paintings. Green Graffiti’s are made from ‘algee’ (type of seaweed living on stones),harvested at buildings feet, cultivated and applied to a substrate, canvas or a wall. These  paintings are  like a plant, growing slowly over  time  depending  on  conservation’s conditions. Green Graffiti  Paint comes  from  personal  researches  and  cooperation  with  several biologists and lichenologists since 2005.

 A simple microscopic observation of ‘ green graffiti paint‘ allows us to see:       

Territorial  Wars,  Food,  Duplication,  Waste  management… these  same  problematic  issues  that  we  find  in  the  heart  of  our contemporary  civilizations apply   to  complex  systems  of  plants.By  giving  humans  forms  to plants  Jonathan  Longuet  tries to open  a  dialogue  between  human beings  and  their  biological environments, highlighting their common traits, as  their reactions to the reality of survival, their fundamental necessity to live in a community. This project invites the audience  to  rethink  about  their integration to aecosystem of everyday.

Reverse Graffiti,Water Graffiti Workshop with Neb Sarai Children

(Reverse Graffiti WORKSHOP with Neb Sarai Children ,conducted by Jonathan Longuet, supported by Midhun Gopi , Ravi Chunchula Bhavin Mistry,Heena Mistry,Nada Haddane  and Niv Art Centre for Niv Art Centre  Residency,New Delhi,INDIA Feb/March 2014.)

Reverse Graffitis are small interventions in the street , they are draws writen with water pressure on awall covered of algae. The visuals can last several weeks or months on the wall, until the next rain.This simple act reminds us that we belong to a living environment , the surface slowly becomes green by colonization of new plant species , continuing the appropriation of space by biological entities in a natural cycle.The last series of reverse graffiti were  conducted  in  collaboration  with  ‘The Green Lab  Delhi’ group created by children from Neb Sarai and arounds during my residency at Niv Art Centre.They have made stencils and have used them it in various  locations in Neb Sarai.Those above have been photographed  and  will be  presented during the  show ‘JUNGLE ME’ at  Niv Art Centre or you can appreciate the result just by walking in Neb Sarai’s small streets.

(*) In collaboration with Wearabout documenting street fashion in India

(**) In collaboration with The  Indira Gandhi National Open University

(***) In collaboration with United Nations World Water Day


Display- Green Graffiti / Jungle Me


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