NIV ART CENTRE is situated in the southern outer edge of the city of forts, New Delhi, neighbouring the prestigious, Indira Gandhi National Open University, short named, IGNOU, at the threshold of lush green and picturesque Aravalli.

That, keeping a dignified distance from the thickness of the rushing inner city squares of Delhi, NIV maidenly awaits a little far, at the entrance of the old world charms, and unveils its innumerable wonders, for those creatively possessed.


Gallery & Studios. NIV is an organization which is focused on facilitating the fundamental necessities for advancement of art practice particularly plastic arts and new media arts, with a national cultural vision and outlook on the cultural practice. Art practice in India as well as in the world has been changing in fast pace, coping with the impact of the present day globalized parameters on cultural, consumption, that is being affected by unprecedented explosion of information technology, relentless expansion of urbanization, apart from that the wider acceptance of art and its significance’s in the cultural life, and more a renewed interest in art products as an area of potential investments.

Considering all these aspects and their impacts in art practice, NIV art centre presents a mode of practice that gives better connectivity and confidence to each of the components to play their roles in the field conveniently as, creator/producer -provider/distributor – and audience/consumer. To establish this vital relationship and to bridge the gap in between this essential components of art practice the Niv Art Centre is prepared to provide a platform for the purpose, for aspiring players in the field, while keeping up the historical traditions of art studio disciplines.

So here, NIV Art Center is offering an advanced creative space.., where highly valuable encounters are possible between artists and audiences. also accessible to witness the practical creative activities of artists and how their works progress and further on how the final presentation is made. Indeed this will open up a possibility for an interdisciplinary interaction and more an inquisitive understanding of the works of art with its deeper aesthetics.

NIV has five fold space facilities for aspiring artists.

  1. Individual artist studio space.
  2. Gallery space for exhibitions.
  3. A media theatre for digital display.
  4. An amphi theatre and installation arena.
  5. Residency for cultural personalities of worldwide. At present the centre is providing studio space for selected artist for a period of two months.

Niv Art Centre, is committed to supporting emerging art; we are looking at a diversity of artists working in the studios to create a lively, supportive and dynamic working environment. We aim to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst artists who work in different fields of art, to nurture the interdisciplinary motivation for collaboration and collective exchange. NIV is creating a legacy for the future. As well as ongoing international exchanges through dialogue, collaboration and creative participation.


  • Assist, develop, investigate and promote art practice
  • Understanding and appreciation of contemporary art
  • To develop an exchange between various cross cultural art practices
  • To create a network between artist in region and across the country
  • Create art awareness to a larger audience.
  • Support artists from smaller pockets of the country to live and work, providing studio, accommodation and exhibition space in the capital to get that exposure of the immediate art experience.

NIV .. has the vision and determination to endure in its path towards the changing times to come..

Gallery1 Gallery2

Niv Produces movies also, Niv has produced 6 movies so far, which are :-

1- Oraalppokkam (Six Feet High) – 2014

2- Ozhivu Divasathe Kali – 2015

3- Sexy Durga- 2017

4- Nila –  a river of sere sands – 2018

5- Chola – 2019

6- Aahuti – 2020