Reverse Graffiti/ Water Graffiti workshop

Reverse Graffitis are small interventions in the street, they are draws written with water pressure on a wall covered of algae. The visuals can last several weeks or months on the wall, until the next rain.

This simple act reminds us that we belong to a living environment; the surface slowly becomes green by colonization of new plant species, continuing the appropriation of space by biological entities in a natural cycle.

All kinds of designs and messages can be produced.

My last series of reverse graffiti were conducted in collaboration with ‘The Green Lab Delhi’ group created by children from Neb Sarai and around during my residency at Niv Art Centre. The students have made stencils and have used them in various locations in Neb Sarai. Those above have been photographed and are presented during my show ‘JUNGLE ME’ at Niv Art Centre.

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