Green Graffiti / Jungle Me

GREEN ENDEAVOURS Inherent in the Green Graffiti/ Jungle Me works of the French artist Jonathan Longuet is a personal exploration of an organic growth process and the unfolding of the natural environment with its increasingly complicated and tenuous relationships with humanity. In essence, they investigate and express energy, effort and inner processes, which extend beyond the archetypical boundaries of aesthetic manifestation to juxtapose and ponder the parallels of science and art. Jonathan in tandem with scientists creates and documents cultures of algae which he then utilises to paint. Distilled water is sprayed upon the surface and recharges the living organism. Thus, in the spirit of Environmental or Earth Art, and many of its renowned enactors such as Robert Smithson, Christo, Andy Goldsworthy and Joseph Beuys, his works are in the act and process of unfolding. Some of his painted figural images derive from collaboration with Manou/Wearabout, an acclaimed Indian street photographer. In 1956, the Hungarian born artist, designer, educator and art theorist Gyorgy Kepes (d.2001) explored the fusion, parallels and queries of these two realms in his landmark tome, The New Landscape in Art and Science (Chicago: Paul Theobold and Co.). Founder of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, this work blended modern works of at with scientific images rendered by advanced technological devices. The congruence of scientific imagery and the vistas of art belie deep connections and myriad sources of inspiration (cf. Arts of Environment, New York: George Braziller, 1977). In Language of Vision (1944, p. 13), he wrote that “visual communication is universal and international…the visual arts as the optimum forms of the language of vision, are, therefore, an invaluable educational medium.” Activist installations, public works, a variety of terms address the dialogue of ecological and environmental dynamics, through the lens/prism of the artist. Nature has ever inspired artists from the classical to the avant-garde. Organic materials from mud to natural pigments to handmade paper, from plants to rock to trees constitute the base of many traditional art forms still in practice across India. Jonathan’s fusion of the arts and sciences, his embrace of diverse sites and participatory audiences imbues his Green Graffiti with heightened significance and import of artistic endeavour, in a world beset with challenges of human sacrifice and misuse of the environment. Elizabeth Rogers
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Artist in Residence – Jonathan Longuet

  JONATHAN LONGUET /GREEN RIOT (1984) ,lives and works in Bordeaux,France   ‘JUNGLE ME’ 2014 Series (*) Green Graffiti / Installations / Photography / Laboratory (**) / Street intervention / Workshop (***)      “In Human/Environment interactions, they are messengers , visuals, chemicals, structural…This is the language that I explore through my researches”      For this series,Jonathan Longuet questioned the notion of the urban jungle-jungle me(i),density,movement -with a focus […]
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