Mt. Abu Residency,FEB-MARCH 2014

The tale of the multi- implementation of reality

This is an on going process of a project of connecting images and forms in a surface plane. It is not necessary for the place to be plain, it can even break down on uneven surfaces. The inquisitiveness of searching for something which even I do not know what it is…when things connect, they come in their own way.

We always think. We think of the preparation. We think of the way we want to choose. It is hard to choose one way which has its own character. We see the great people who travelled and travelled in search of something. To get there they had gathered infinite experiences. But in case of artists the search never ends. The smell of the newness thrive and quench the heart in and out all the time. The heart beat for the newness, the freshness of the ever changing surrounding of the universe or beyond it. The search for the beyondness is search for the limitless, the power which ties up every particle.

The believe in the static state seems very fixed or caged as everything in this universe is vibrating. The existence of the vibration of the molecules shapes the forms which we perceive as an image. It changes every mili micro second.

The uncut stretches of the hills surrounding us is obsessing. The unevenness of the nature is drifting our concentration from the polished life of the metropolis.

The day here begins with the magnificent blue hills from the window. Every moment is revealing new stories of this mountain . new colour, new forms are rapidly changing places. This is a wonder how the hills are standing from thousands of ages and they are themselves the viewer of thousands of stories. The particles are vibrating every moment and changing its reality. The truth alone lies in visualizing, the relation between the existence of the perceiving soul, the vibration of the image and time.

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