Mt. Abu Residency, MAR-APR 2014

Since we arrived at Mt Abu we have been engaged actively in exploring local environments and also in the tasks of daily life. Both artists began thinking a lot about clean environments, wild and domestic relating to topics of health and survival. In a collaborative video work which involving the revival of an old rusty and broken Jhula which we found discarded on the rooftop of the residency. We were drawn to its sculptural qualities and its functionality, finding value and promise in this object. Inspired by our many visits to Mt Abu’s numerous and diverse temples, we wished to combine ritual with creative play using a variety of material ephemera to communicate something of our experience here. The playful action of swinging and the delicate wrapping of coloured foil papers over the rusted iron limbs come together with dangling recycled drip bottles collected from the local hospital and sweeper brooms bought in the market. The installation swings into life as each artist takes a turn to sit in the meditative rocking seat.

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