“Memories” is part of The Other Side Project

Exhibition Memories is part of The Other Side Project

The Other Side Project focuses on a fruitful exchange of ideas between Croatian and Asian contemporary artists. Niv Art Centre was thrilled to host a second group exhibition of the Croatian artists in India, on 19th April 2019. Since 2016, the artists have exhibited twice in Vietnam and will soon be having an exhibition of Vietnamese artist in Croatia as a part of their initiative.

Participating artists- 
Vinko Vidmar ( video work), 
Kresimir Katusic ( video work), 
Monika Rusak ( video), 
Verena Rusak ( video), 
Iva Marinic ( photo), 
Elia Friganovic ( printmaking), 
Petra Orbanic ( printmaking), 
Lea Cec ( combine technique)

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