Artist in Residence - Rahul Modak

Opening Date: 


            First of all I want to share my experience with everyone that it is a proverb “as you mould, you will get the desired shape. It is true in the shape of clay modeling and also in the life of a child”  

                  Traditionally terracotta medium addresses traditional values of bygone era, a time that has passed away and is now history. Terracotta medium traditionally used to make pottery, utility object and craft work. This traditional use has been used over and over again throughout the ages and now it has turned into a cliche. I am not at all interested in this traditional practice. Instead of this traditional use I want to explore new areas in which the medium of  terracotta can be used in a contemporary way addressing contemporary art and reflecting the times that we live in ie; now. Expressing me through terracotta sculpture-installation and addressing contemporary issues is my priority. Terracotta medium has its own expression and character, which can be used playfully with its tactile feelings, gorgeousness, sophistication and precious values. 

                In this residency workshop my aim is to do collaborative work with children to show their innocent thoughts and ideas. Therefore I would like to work with them in a very playfully manner to exchange our experiences and knowledge’s. Here they everyone will make things from their own ideas like children play objects, children dress, educational objects, their own utility objects, children imaginative images with their creative expression. I will be making these objects in terracotta to make them look like precious valuable objects and thus imparting an iconic value to these mundane everyday experiences. Through this contemporary outlook, approach and application of process a new set of meanings and signification will be generated.  Ultimately I will work out a composition to articulate them in convincing as a whole.