Friendly Strangers~Fields of the Universe

Opening Date: 
Empty spaces have the most energy fields than anything else in the universe; and all the object, matter, particles we know, constitute under ten percent of the is this eternal vastness and the unseen energy fields that is brought together at 'Friendly Strangers: Fields of the Universe' a show by Shridhar Iyer and Ajay Narayan. The exhibition will open at the NIV Art Center on the 19th of September.

From within the gharana of contemporary abstraction from Bharat Bhavan, Shridhar Iyer has been exploring the unknown energy and force of the Universe primarily through the medium of painting and drawing. Highly experimental in life and work, Iyer has often made forays into installation based art practices, but it is in the last one and a half month, working at NIV center's basement studio, the artist has for the first time produced a body of work that shows a sustained engagement with alternative mediums and new sculpture. Using mediums like coconut, fishing nets, cloth and dye, Iyer continues his engagement with the vast unknown...this time focusing on the energy fields that occupy the spaces between us and our known objects. He combines this representational quest with the love for the organic and the perishable. The artist has pledged himself to a spiritual connection with the universe, for him all the energy fields surrounding us are eternal, omnipresent, powerful, ethereal and friendly. In this show we will get a first look at a new and very important body of work in the context of the artist’s journey into sculptural abstraction.

Ajay Narayan has been painting to invoke concealed, obscure descriptions of the visible world. His recent works are an engagement with the vastness of space, the incomprehensible eternal dark matter within which planets, stars and galaxies float. This series echo these inquiries into the universe through gazing at the night sky and encountering its sublime. His painted canvases and fiberglass sculptures capture this beauty...dwelling on the floating objects through the gaze of friendship, and his love for colour and impasto.

-- Rahul Bhattacharya 2013