Artist in Residence- Shridhar Iyer

From within the gharana of contemporary abstraction from Bharat Bhavan, Shridhar Iyer has been exploring the unknown energy and force of the Universe primarily through the medium of painting and drawing. Highly experimental in life and work, Iyer has often made forays into installation based art practices, but it is in the last one and a half month, working at […]
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Artist in Residence- Rahul Modak

ADDRESSING CONTEMPORARY ART THROUGH  EXPLORATION OF TERRACOTTA MEDIUM             First of all I want to share my experience with everyone that it is a proverb “as you mould, you will get the desired shape. It is true in the shape of clay modeling and also in the life of a child”             […]
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International Residency, Autumn 2012

Participating Artists: Manoj Mohanty, Mitali Shah, Carol Diver, Akhil Arora, Darrell Roberts, Los Vendaval, Surajit Biswas, Santosh Kumar, Ravi Chunchula, Louis Hudson Opening at Lalit Kala Academy Opening at Niv Art Centre work in process
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