Lost and found , a project by Ajay Sharma explores displaced objects in time and space as a metaphor for existence and uses the realization that this displacement of the object is very similar to the process of migration to different places and cities. Hence It explores the symbolic acts representative of the time and ancient practices. His concept is […]
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EAST WEST, International Artist Residency 2015

NIV Art Centre has hosted its 11th Artist in Residency program from January to March 2015 with 17 International Artists from 6 countries – B.AJAY SHARMA (India) -DEEPAK KURKI SHIVASWAMY (India) -DIRK BAUMANNS (Germany) -ENORA LALET (France) -EMA KAWANAGO (Japan) -GREEN RIOT (France) -HANIFA ALIZADA (Afghanistan) -KOUSTAV NAG(India) -MELODIE SERENA (France) -MIDHUN GOPI (India) -MONKEY BIRD (France) -NARAE JIN (South […]
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Artist in Residence – Jonathan Longuet

  JONATHAN LONGUET /GREEN RIOT (1984) ,lives and works in Bordeaux,France   ‘JUNGLE ME’ 2014 Series (*) Green Graffiti / Installations / Photography / Laboratory (**) / Street intervention / Workshop (***)      “In Human/Environment interactions, they are messengers , visuals, chemicals, structural…This is the language that I explore through my researches”      For this series,Jonathan Longuet questioned the notion of the urban jungle-jungle me(i),density,movement -with a focus […]
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