Artist: Saifunnisha Khatun & Manoj Poddar Curated by Dr. Meghali Goswami Boundless Forms…..The title itself articulate and questions the audience as to how well do we know ourselves? Are we always trying to figure ourselves out? The internal focus on thoughts, feelings, motivations, and overall sense of “self” is reflected in the artworks and where images are pooled with physiology/composition. When we look at the colours on the artists’ palette we get two feelings/effect; a purely physical effect on the eye, charmed by the beauty of the bright animated colours which indeed provoke a joyful impression. Secondly, the effect of insignia is much deeper and causes an emotion and a vibration of the soul, which is purely spiritual effect. The exhibition presents two contemporary artists who responses to recent chronological changes by engaging with issue of resistance against traditionalist reason and also documents the nature. The works of artists exhibited manifests itself as an instigative action, other times as a responsive gesture, and occasionally as an urgent awareness-raising exercise. The motivation for this exhibition resides in the idea to blend the concept of allegory with that of unlimited form. At the very first glimpse of the Monoj Poddar’s works, we become aware of his story telling; they verbalize his thoughts and beliefs. With the help of strong narratives he reflects his purest being in a true spirit. His works reflects his idea of synthesising the human, and the mythical being, which keep on transforming, sometimes static, veiling, unveiling and changing as he progresses. Monoj’s works itself speaks about how he stands against the global fashion and depicts his indigenous thoughts with the parameters of modernity. His images depict his celebration about the diversity of life and family. His narratives centre the naive simplicity of folk art tradition exploring by fantasy creatures. The normal experience of the ‘self’ incorporate and the faith that one’s identity is made up of a body, of thoughts, feelings, ambitions, plans, ideals, values, impulses, desires, actions, qualities, and so on is expressed in almost all his work of art. Most of his creations represent a bonding of mankind and humanity, and the journey of the artist from one phase to another. His ‘self’ captures feelings, ambitions, plans, values which is integrated and organized in his work of art. The overall view of ‘self’, cannot separate from the other figures which he represents in his work. His works emerge from personal quest and for which the most suitable medium and material such as cow-dung and handmade paper undoubtedly expresses his ‘self’ and the flavour on ‘Indinaness’. 

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